Welcome to Our Little Flower

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Every season holds it pleasures but so often winter seems never ending. Not so this year! December held a special magic for the Bowers and Kiser families this year, as we welcomed the newest member of our family, Lillian Rose Bowers! Lil arrived exactly on time  on December 15, 2016! What a prompt wee baby she is! Each child holds his/her own charm and magic and Lil is no exception to that. From the moment we met her she captured the heart of every family member. From her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to  her sister, Claire, and her cousins Soda and Cooper, everyone fell in love with her. We were, and still are, enchanted by her sweet face and tiny hands. What a blessing she is.

Naturally, the announcement that a new baby was on the way sent me into a whirlwind of stitching. I got to work immediately on the Woodland Babies afghan by Stoney Creek (Book 455). I was determined that this afghan would not arrive for Christmas when she was 7 years old! (See my post about my last afghan for Soda!)

I presented the afghan to Lil on her 1 month birthday. Her parents and sister loved it. As for Lil…. she yawned, wiggled, ate and fell asleep! What else would a 1 month old do anyway? So the afghan hangs on the end of her crib waiting for the day she scoots over and discovers it!


Lil’s Afghan

Family Pictures

Top left to right: Daddy and Lil, Mom, Claire and Lil, Me and Lil

Middle left to right: Grandpa and Lil, Soda and Lil, Cooper and Lil, Aunt Sabrina and Lil

Bottom left to right: Uncle Dale and Lil, Lil at 2 months old


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