Sometimes Life Gets in the Way….

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When we found out Sabrina was pregnant with her first baby we were thrilled. My mind went immediately to all the creative sewing I could do for this first little one. Sabrina asked me to make the baby a quilt but, since we weren’t sure of the gender, we both decided a cross stitched baby afghan in a pattern that a boy or girl would like would be perfect. I had done one before in a teddy bear theme that took no time at all, so off we went to Holmes County to find the prefect pattern.

Back then there was a magnificent cross stitch store in Berlin, Ohio called The Stitching House, that had every pattern you could imagine. We picked out one that had awesome woodland animals on it that would work perfectly in the afghan blocks. The deer would be in the middle and each of the other 6 animals would be repeated twice. Simple, right? Ummm… no.

I began the afghan with gusto but, since I was working full-time during the day, working on my Master’s degree, and managing a clinical group of nursing students, I just did not have the time to cross stitch all that much. So, the baby was born and to our delight it was a boy. He’d love that blanket. Time passed and the afghan got worked on sporadically.

I retired from my full-time job in December of 2014 and the afghan came out once again. This time I worked non-stop and finished it. Actually, it was embarrassing to give it to little Soda when he was now 7 years old. I hoped he would like it, since it was lap size blanket and wasn’t a baby pattern. To my delight, he loved it and has it on display in his bedroom. I’m so glad we picked that pattern and I’m so blessed to have a grandson who understands that his afghan is more than just a blanket.. It was a work of love for a little man I love very much!

Wild Animal Afghan

                      (Soda and his blanket)                            (Top: Closeup of the raccoon square)

(Bottom: Soda & Cooper, his little bro)


One thought on “Sometimes Life Gets in the Way….

  1. Congrats on the afghan finish! Your grandson looks so happy and proud of the blanket made especially for him, by his grandma. He will think of you whenever he sees it. It’s beautiful! I know you must feel so thrilled to have finished it for him.


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