Soft Dolls with Big Character

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Quite a few years ago I began to do soft Christmas sculpture using cut outs printed on fabric. I made a wreath, a puppy in a box and a few other items. Eventually I sort of put this hobby on the self as other things intrigued me. Years later I decided to pursue this art form again but found that the fabric companies no  longer made these wonderful cut and sew pre-printed fabrics as they once did.

Together with my daughter Sabrina, I searched the internet and found many of them available through Ebay, so the two of us began to purchase them and construct them around the holidays each year. It was great fun and we still have some of the patterns left to do… someday.

In the middle of this flurry of stitching, I got the idea to create dolls using simple body shaped and various fabrics and novelty items I had found as I built my sewing stash. It took me hours to plan each doll pattern, decide on the theme for it, and then construct it. Hair was particularly difficult, but with some research at the library and online I figured out how to give my dolls lush, beautiful locks. Sabrina, added the eyes and cheeks to bring their faces to life.

Each doll had a theme. I made nurses, teachers, gardeners, children and other fun creations. Some I gave as gifts, but most I just kept. They were time consuming and, though not very expensive to construct if you shop sales and remnant bins, there is no profit in selling them. Still, they were my babies and I loved them. They allowed me to be creative and express myself.

I’ve been thinking of taking up doll making again. I sure have the stash to do it! Now all I need is the time to devote to creative thinking and construction. I’m sure in time it will happen. Until then I’d like to share two of my creations with you. The first is Simon. He is a famous fisherman, depicted here with his fish. His distant ancestor, however, was a fisher of men! Can you guess who that might be?

The second is a pair of dolls, a mom and her daughter in matching nightgowns. They depict cherished memories of the bedtime hours I shared with my daughter. Maybe I’ll add a boy to the grouping in honor of my son. I always intended to. Ahh… the best laid plans of mice and men…………. and stitchers!

Simon the Fisherman


Bedtime Memories

Sabie & Mom


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