A Magnificent Heart

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Some people have big hearts. We all know people like this. They would give you the proverbial shirt off their back if you needed it. Once in awhile, however, there comes a heart that is beyond big. It is magnificent. Diana is one of those people and I’m proud to know her.

Diana has often taken in foster children, but over the past few years she has opened her heart, her home, and her entire life to three little ones who needed someone to love them permanently. Two of these little folks are special needs boys who take much time and patience to guide as they grow up. They both have emotional issues that require a very special person to raise them.

Diana knew these two boys had serious problems while she was fostering them. It would have been so easy to just let them go to a different home when the going got tough, but that’s where Diana differs from so many. She took the next step and adopted them, making them a permanent part of her life and her of theirs. She has offered them the stability and unconditional love that they need to learn to handle their problems and lead  independent, productive lives.

What about the third child, you may be wondering? She is an adorable 18 month old little girl whose adoption will soon be finalized. So far she is not displaying any special needs…. just a little body full of happy energy.

I live many miles from Diana so there is little I can do to support her, but when she mentioned a quote she would love to hang on her wall somewhere so her children could know how loved and special they are I figured “I can do that!” and so I did.

New adoption pic

God bless you and your beautiful family, Diana!


One thought on “A Magnificent Heart

  1. What a very special person your friend, Diane, is. It definitely takes a very special, patient, loving and kind person to be a foster parent and to parent special needs children. Your stitching is perfect for her. I have always loved that quote myself as it reminds me of my stepmom who loved me as if I were her own. Great job on the stitching, it is very pretty.


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