Diversity in the Bowers’ House

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I have always loved Asian cooking and we have had several Christmas dinners that were filled with wonderful foods from the Pei Mei cookbooks I obtained long ago (long story for another time).  Everyone loves these dinners and requests them yearly, so last year we decided to make Chinese New Year a family event.

In 2015, the 9 of us piled into our cars on the closest Saturday to the actual date for the new year, and headed down early in the morning to the Asian district in Cleveland. We visited two enormous groceries and their attached plazas gathering the items we needed for our dinner. The little guys, Soda, Cooper and Claire were in their glory. There was so much to see and learn! We even got to see the area youth in one plaza as they performed traditional Chinese dances, complete with a very impressive dragon!

When we returned to our house the cooking began, and what fun it was! Chopping, cutting, frying and laughing was followed by a huge and delicious dinner.

We did it again this year. Everyone wants it to be an annual event and so it will be. Interestingly, while I was down in Holmes County, Ohio a month before the big day I found the perfect tablecloth fabric, printed in red with fortune cookies, at Zinck’s Fabric Outlet for only $2.99/yd. I used it to create a table covering fit for our yearly celebration.  I had to add a red border to make it fit our table, but the end result was very festive.

Guess I’d better head down soon and get some fabric for our St. Patty’s day celebration!

Chinese New Year 2015


Chinese New Year 2016

Chinese NY2016


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