Games People Play

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Early in our marriage Tom and I became avid board gamers. We rarely played with anyone else, but we enjoyed spending the evening playing games and watching TV, especially on cold winter nights. Many of the games we played were very elaborate, like Middle Earth: The Ring Trilogy, King Maker, Outdoor Survival and Magic Realm. We never really mastered these but we had a lot of fun trying!

We also played regular board games like Clue, Careers and, of course, Monopoly. Actually, the last one became a family favorite. I never won. I’m just not ruthless enough, but it gave us hours of family time together that we will never forget.

It only seemed natural, when I came upon it, to snag a counted cross stitch pattern for a Monopoly game board. How fun! The pattern made a regulation size board that could actually be used to play the game! How hard could it be? It’s all lines and boxes, right??? (Famous last words.) At the time, we were remodeling the basement in our new home into a recreation room, so I set to work creating the Monopoly board that could be hung on the wall and played anytime.

It took a long time to create that board! Little did I realize the minute detail that went into the various squares along each side. Sure there were large blocks of a single color for each set of streets, but blocks like Community Chest, the railroads, the utilities, etc were detailed using lots of half and quarter stitches! And I have to tell you that large areas of the same color can get very monotonous.  But I forged onward and, after about a year of off and on work, I completed it. We framed it under glass to protect it and hung it on the wall. Did it ever get played? Nope, but it sure looks good!

Once again we are remodeling the basement; this time into a “man cave” for Tom and the kids, with one stipulation by me…. Monopoly stays!  And so it shall!



5 thoughts on “Games People Play

  1. My cousin has one of these someone made for her, also framed and hung up, so I’ve seen a finish in person — I know you’ve got a project to be proud of there!


  2. I have the same pattern, started it but I’ve only got part of the black frame done. It will be a long time before I get it done, as cross stitch has been put aside for knitting and EPP hexagons! Love the blog Anna Mary!


  3. Thanks Kelly!
    I have nearly finished a third cross stitch project over the past 3 months and hope to jump on my cathedral window quilt next.
    Do you have a blog? Send me a link if you do!
    Anna Mary


  4. My mother in law made this for Josiah when he was about 10. Josiah knew that when Grammy was making it, the project was for him. She actually let him do some of the stitches that were easier. I love looking at it hanging on his wall. Such a treasure the hours that she spent with him pouring over the project. Good memories!!


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