Counted Cross Stitch… Where it all began

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When I was very small, many years ago, my mother started me on the most amazing form of art I had ever seen. She set me up with a hoop, some stamped fabric and beautiful colored threads in a vast array of colors. She called it floss, though I could not figure out why, and she introduced me to the art of embroidery. The pattern was for a toaster cover and I worked diligently to complete it. It took a long time, but it covered our toaster for many years to come. I have no idea what happened to it, though I suppose it just wore out, but I do wish I had at least a picture of the finished product.
Many years later after a number of projects on stamped fabric, I was sitting next to my friend, Rita, while we waited for our 5 year old daughters’ dance class to end. She was working on a cross stitch project on unstamped fabric. I was captivated by the tiny stitches and the beautiful Rockwell pattern she was working on. Rita gave me a quick tutorial on counted cross stitch, helped me get the pattern for the picture below and I set to work on my first counted cross stitch project ever. Little did I know just how intricate the project I picked out was for a first attempt!
I stared in the middle of the pattern as Rita had taught me. It was a flowing white gown on 18 count Aida fabric. Oh my! I thought I’d go blind or lose my mind doing white on white for weeks. (I sure wasn’t as fast at it as I am now.) After several months of work I completed the picture, framed it, and it has hung in my daughter’s bedroom ever since. She has moved it from our home, to her apartment, and to the home where she currently resides.

Rockwell 2

Though I have done other Rockwell pictures since, this one is my favorite. I think the book is still available on Amazon.  Its called The Four Ages of Love and is a Pat and Gloria pattern. Maybe someday I will do the other three ages!


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